Welcome to the Mondet's stables


We are located in Artiguelouve, 10 kilometers from Pau's center.  

At Mondet's stables, the horses enjoy the 10 hectares of fields, fenced with care. The horses are divided into groups of two or three, so they can have grass all year long.

Nestled in the Bearn hills (fields and forests), our XVI century farm of 14 hectares welcomes your

horses in the lush greenery typical of the region. Many countryside walks are available to explore

from the Mondet's stables.

Les Écuries de Mondet - Pension de chevaux Pau

The barns have spacious stables (from 10 to 14m²) and good ventilation, which is ideal for the well

being of your horse. Warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

In warm weather, the horses are out at night, so they can enjoy the cooler temperatures without

bother from the insects.

They are cared for 24/7. We live on site along with our two dogs

who also offer protection to the stables.


The sand arena is 60x30 meters, with lights, showjumping fences and dressage letters. The ground is

firm to preserve the tendons of your horse and is usable in every season.

At the stables you can enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding hills and the Pyrenees!


les écuries de Mondet - pension de chevaux pau

We have a beautiful private walk on soft ground around the perimeter of the farm (2000m), which

can be used to warm up and loosen your horse. It can be also be used to acclimatise young horses to

hack alone within a secure environment.


The field shelters are 20m² to shelter your horse from the elements. They protect from the wind and

the rain.

The Mondet's stables from the sky...

les écuries de mondet - pension de chevaux pau

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*Mondet : German origin from "Mund" who means protection. It's the place name of the stables.