About us

les écuries de mondet , pension de chevaux pau

 The Mondet’s stables were founded by Julia and Xavier. We are hard working, dedicated and

passionate about horses. Our ultimate goal is too establish a friendly and inviting stable within our

typically charming French farm. Where the well being of the horses comes first.


At Mondet's stables, we believe quality comes before the quantity!


Julia Broutin is an Eventing rider at "Am Elite" level (Qualified for one star eventing), and a trainer

with second level degree.

(In France the first degree level can teach riders from Galop 1 to 7 -

The second degree level can teach from Galop 7, competition rider to the first degree level teacher -

Finally the third degree level can teach to the two first levels and professional riders).



Julia is at your disposal for your development as a rider, for training, for teaching and coaching in

competitions, in French and English.

We have currently around twenty couples in livery, the half goes in jump, eventing or dressage competition. 

A motivated team who goes in competition more or less two times by month!



Practicing a diverse range of horse riding techniques, composed of many methods, from varied

experience, as well in academic learning, and in Spanish dressage, Western,

dressage, cross country and showjumping. You will find new ideas and techniques and it will be

adapted to each individual team of horse and rider.


" Equestrian art begins with the perfection of simple things "                                        Nuno Oliveira