les écuries de mondet , pension de chevaux pau



  • Field Livery (with trees as natural shelter): 80€/month/horse



  • Field Livery with shelter and hay : 200€/month/horse



  • Stable livery + Paddock : From 330€/month/horse*



- One spacious boxe

- Outing 6 days/7 on individual paddock (rug and boots if needed)

- Cleaning of the boxe

- Hay and straw bio

- Permanent monitoring


* Food to add, 0,40€/liter (you pay only what your horse consumes)


Horse work session by a professional: 30€/ session


Individual lesson : 25€/horse rider


Group Lesson (2 to 4): 18€/horse rider


Ground work (lunge, boarding, education…) : 15€/session


Coaching in competition: 40€/horse rider/day


Shearing/Clipping: 40€/horse


License: 36€/rider/year


Membership: 36€/rider/year